Thanks for coming to this page with thoughts of donating.  We’ve got several ways you can help us out:
  1. Donate money.

    Monetary donations will go to our parent organization, Sustainable West Seattle.  They support several organizations within West Seattle, and since they are a 501(c)3 your contribution is tax-deductible!  Sustainable West Seattle’s EIN # is 262437518, and the PayPal receipt you get is proof of donation.

    Why donate money?  It will help us get tools to offer free bike repair workshops, and will allow us to buy small parts and consumable items we use during free bike repair workdays.

  2. Donate bikes.  Or bike tools.

    Or bike-related gear.  Tool donations would be awesome!  Please contact us if you’ve got bikes or some bike gear to donate.  We are limited on space, but will figure something out.

    Why donate a bike, tools, or other gear?  We want to keep that stuff from going in the trash if it’s still usable.  And tools are always needed for free bike repair workdays or workshops.  We’ll also try to refurbish bikes so that they can be given away or sold at a very low cost to someone who could use it for transportation.

    We don't want to see bikes in landfills.

    We don’t want to see bikes in landfills.

  3. Donate time.

    Please visit our volunteer page for information about helping us out.  Or check our social pages (Facebook, Twitter) to keep updated on when and where we’ll be volunteering to help repair bicycles or offering a class.  Any help is certainly appreciated!  We’re trying to keep our events calendar page updated, so check there for updates as well.  Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to ask how you can help.

    We need you!

    We need you!