About Us

DIY Bikes formed in 2013 as a project under Sustainable West Seattle.  We help the West Seattle community with opportunities to learn, fix, and ride bikes.  We typically work out of the West Seattle Tool Library, where most of the tools we use are stored.

We'll help you learn how to fix a bike!

We’ll help you learn how to fix a bike!

Our MISSION is to empower you to do your own bike repair.

We promote bicycle use as affordable and reliable transportation, while focusing on healthy lifestyles, reducing environmental impact & traffic congestion.  We believe the bicycle is the most efficient, affordable, and reliable form of transportation.  And we want you to be able to keep your bike rolling!

The STRATEGY we have is to offer space, tools, and educational services to help you learn how to fix your own bike.

Our tools.  Our knowledge and experience.  Your help.  There’s an old proverb that goes…give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.We believe that if we can teach you how to repair and maintain a bicycle, then you’ll ride forever.

Members of the West Seattle Tool Library have access to bicycle repair tools.  We also use these tools for free bike repair and other workshops.  Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming events.

Our GOALS are to provide FREE learning, fixing, and riding opportunities.

Yes…FREE!  Why?  Because we feel basic bicycle repair skills can be easily taught and learned.  And these basic skills will hopefully encourage the community to use a bicycle for transportation while reducing (or even eliminating) maintenance costs.

Check our calendar for upcoming events!