03 May

Wheel Truing Workshop Review

We had another good turnout at our wheel truing workshop held on May 1st.  And we were so enthralled with truing wheels that we forgot to take pics!  We only got one at the end after we cleaned up.

DIY Bikes Wheel Truing Workshop 05-01-2014

Everybody’s happy with free wheel truing!

Here’s a list of the tools we used:

The West Seattle Tool Library has one Park truing stand, nipple wrenches, and other bike tools to checkout to members ($40 annual fee).  The other stands were brought in to use by volunteers helping with the workshop.

So with 4 truing stands, some nipple wrenches, one spoke tension meter, and a handful of wheels, we were able to show several people how to true a wheel and then let them work on their own wheels as well.  We covered the basics of lateral wheel truing, checked radial true, replaced a spoke on one wheel, and checked spoke tension.  Very easy things to do once you experience it for yourself!

The Feedback Sports wheel truing stand is a lower priced alternative (~$80) to the Park TS-2.2 stand (~$250).  It only has one leg and some plastic components that aren’t as precise as the Park stand, but it’ll still get the job done.

We want to thank the Tool Library for giving us the space to work.  DIY Bikes is planning to continue offering free workshops for bike repair and maintenance in conjunction with the Tool Library and as part of the Fixers Collective, so check our calendar for upcoming events!